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The Development of Photographic Processes

By J. Schnauss

The Statue of Liberty Lighting the World

The Extraction of Sulphur

Joyeux's Night-Lamp Clock

Suggestions in Architecture

Notes on the Thermometer

Formation of Cuprous Acetylide

By G. Stillingfleet Johnson

Puplus' Dynamometer

Boulier's Pyrometer

Improved Army Filter

Band Saw for Iron

Wire-Gun Construction

Submarine Explorations

Electro-Plating with Nickel

By William H. Wahl

Liquefaction of Hydrogen

By S. Wroblewski

On a Method of Mounting Electrical Resistances

By Arthur W. Waters

Dandruff: what it is, and how to Cure it

By George T. Jackson

Wounds and Mutilations of Workingmen's Hands

Egyptian Pigeons

Notes on the Rearing of Silk-Producing Bombyces in 1883

By Alfred Wailly

General Truths in Applied Entomolggy

By C. V. Riley

Among the Chinese

Sable Island-Its Rapid Submergence

Studies of the Aurora


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May 10, 1884

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