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Prof. Pasteur's Laboratory for the Study of Rabies

A New Dental Amalgam

By A. H. Best

Improved Ambulance

Lechne & Lerksch's Thermograph

On the Magnetic Susceptibility and Retentiveness of Iron and Steel

By J. A. Ewing

Amperemeters, Voltameters, and Measurers of Energy at the Vienna Exhibition

Clamond's New Incandescent Gas Burner

Electric Motor for Single-Rail Railway

The Fastest Train in Great Britain

The Heat-Action of Explosives

By Andrew Noble

Gatterall & Birch's Hydraulic Liquid Elevator

The Gatling Gun

Hydraulic Propulsion

Illuminating Gas from Sawdust

By George Walker

The Union of Bodies by Pressure

Nottingham Mechanics' Institute New Reading Room

The Elasticity of Silk

Relics of the Santa Barbara Indians

By Stephen Bowers

Submarine Explorations

The Treasuries and Antiquities of Salamis, Cyprus

A New Spiræa

By S. Astilboides

Chrysanthemum Anemones

Reptiles and Music

What it is to Read Music

By Charles F. Kroeh

“Red Sky”—Addenda

Contributions to Azotometry

By Carl Mohr


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June 07, 1884