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Puerta Del Sol, Madrid

Concrete Buildings for Farms

What Causes Paint to Blister and Peel? how to Prevent it

How to Prevent it

Olive Oil

Beeswax and its Adulterations

Phenol in the Stem, Leaves, and Cones of Pinus Sylvestris

A Discovery Bearing on the Flora of the Carboniferous Epoch and the Formation of Petroleum

By A. B. Griffiths

The School of Physics and Chemistry of Paris

Dust-Free Spaces

Telephony and Telegraphy on the Same Wires Simultaneously

The Electric Marigraph

Electricity Applied to Horse-Shoeing

Delune & Co.'s System of Laying underground Cables

Esteve's Automatic Pile

Woodward's Diffusion Motor

Some Relations of Heat to Voltaic and Thermo-Electric Action of Metals in Electrolytes

By G. Gore

A Gas Radiator and Heater

Concrete Water Pipes

Air Refrigerating Machine

The Problem of Flight, and the Flying Machine

An English Railway Ferry Boat

The Sellers Standard System of Screw Threads, Nuts, and Bolt Heads

Lunar Heat

By C. A. Young

The Longhaired Pointer Mylord

Keffel's Germinating Apparatus



Apple Tree Borers


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    June 28, 1884

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