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A Switch Inspection Monitor

Salterhebble Viaduct

Zinc to Prevent Boiler Incrustation

By G. Swinburnking

Improved Hydraulic Pump

The Great Dry Docks at the Erie Basin

Torpedo Boats

San Isidro

Preparation of Lantern Slide

The Resin Industry in the Landes Department

By A. Renard

Cupro-Ammonium Solutions and their Use in Waterproofing Paper and Vegetable Tissues

By C. R. Alder Wright

Charles Adolphe Wurtz

On the Formation of Starch in Leaves

Separation of Tin, Antimony, and Arsenic

By Emil Berglund

Reminiscences of Morse's Telegraph Line from Baltimore to Washington

Detection of Small Quantities of Water Added to Milk

The Relations of the Soil to Health

By George H. Rohe

Lightning Conductors

An Application of Electricity to Surgery

Galvanized Iron Pipes. Their Danger When Used for Conveying Drinking Water

Pipes for Domestic Water Service

A Shoe that will not Pinch.—A Short Study in the Hygiene of the Feet

By Benjamin Lee

Decorative Palms

Discoloration of the Hair

By George Thomas Jackson

On Analgesia

Fairy Rings

Superphosphates from Beaufort River Phosphate Rock

Matter and Gravity

The Moving Sands and Breccia Pillars of Turkestan


To Inscribe a Polygon within a Circle

Salmon Eggs for New Zealand

The Manufacture of Violins in Germany

The Polygon within a Circle


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