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Dr. Le Plongeon's Latest and Most Important Discoveries among the Ruined Cities of Yucatan

The New Bicycle Race Course at Leipzig

The Science of Fashion

French Barrel-Making Machinery

Cast Steel Locomotive Driving Wheels

A New Speed Indicator

The Armored Frigate Tegetthoff

Bronze Casting

Intensification of Gelatine Negatives with Silver

Carbonate of Potash

Egrot's Distilling Apparatus

Linseed-its Botany and Chemistry

By E. H. Earle

The Chemistry of Linseed

By Edw. Cullinan

On the Constitution of Chlorophyl

By Edward Schunck

Chlorophyl Probably a Compound of Iron with One of the Glucosides

By A. B. Griffiths

The Loss of Niter in the Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid

Formation of Coloring Matters by Electrolysis

Poplar Fallacies in Regard to Ventilatlon

By Charles R. Dryer

Dr. Matthiessen's Battery Coupler

Fatty Degeneration of the Heart—its Diagnosis and Treatment

By Charles R. Crandall

Malady from Vanilla

Manganese Steel

By Joseph D. Weeks

The Sense of Touch

A New Translation of the Last Words of Jesus of Nazareth


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