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A French Steam Brewery

The Iridium Industry

By Wm. L. Dudley

How to make Photo Printing Blocks

Photos in Ink

By Samuel C. Riley

Chimney Climbing

Electro-Magnetic Ore Dressing

“Animal Charcoal”

New Bleaching Process

Improved Hop-Washing Machine

Fermentation of Indigo Vats

By L. Benoist

California Laughing Gas

The Liquefaction of Gases

Cork Cathedral

The Two Manners of Motion of Water

By Osborne Reynolds

A Novel Globe Valve

The Gardner Gun

Improved Pumping Engines

Improvements of the Locomotive

The Distribution of Steam in Cities

Minchin's Absolute Sinus Electrometer

Water Supply

Dr. Kohlrausch's Apparatus for Magnetic and Electric Measurements

Lippmann's Mercurial Galvanometer

National Health and Work

By James Paget

Pasteur's Researches on Rabies

Farmyard Manure-A Medium for the Development of Parasitic Diseases

By A. B. Griffiths

Plague of Locusts in Yucatan

Prehistoric Man in Egypt and Syria

The Burrowing Cray Fish


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August 09, 1884