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Improved Lifting Dock

Planetary Wheel—Trains

By C. W. MacCord

A Delta Metal Yacht

The Construction of Frame Buildings

By Clarence O. Arey

Ritter's Perspectograph

Filtering Cisterns

By G. D. Hiscox


Aluminum Mordants

Restoration of Fased Photographs

Basic Refractory Materials

Henry Watts, F.R.S.

Simple Photo—Enlarging Apparatus

Physics and Chemistry

Gold and Silver in the Vapor of Phosphorus

By P. Hautefeuille and A. Perrey

On Different Methods of Producing Cold Artificially

By J. J. Coleman

Anders' Telephone Transmitters

On Making Joints in Wires Used for Electric Lighting

Electricity Applied to the Driving of Galleries in Mines

Experiments on the Passage of Electricity Through Gases.—Sketch of a Theory

By Arthur Schuster

The Standard of Light Adopted by the Paris Conference

The Electric Conductivity of Metals and their Alloys

The Dakota Tin Deposit

A Peculiar Dust in Snow

A Modification of Hughes' Magnetic Balance

The Extraction of Gold

The Earthquake Recorder

A Study of the Horse's Trot

A Fish-Eating Plant

Little Duck, Winner of the Grand Prize of Paris, 1884

A Lily Bed

How to Make a Photographic Background

Nickel ore from Nevada

By Spencer B. Newberry


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August 23, 1884