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Ladies' Orchestras

Virchow on I'Arwinism

The Society for Psychical Research

The Basset Hounds

The Laws of Volume and Specific Heat

Movable Theater Stages

Beyer's Porcelain-Cylinder Flour Mills

Machine for Polishing the Slides of Locomotives

Notes at the Missouri Pacific Shops

Toselli's Submarine Explorer

Assay of Indigo

By Charles Tennant Lee

New Battery with an Alkaline Liquid

Ebel's Polarized Relay

Losses of Nitrogen During the Fermentation of Dung

By H. Joulie

The Technical Education Institute

Pembury End, Tunbridge Wells

Emulsions in Gelatine and Albumen

Vermilion Manufacture

Sulphur: Its Occurrence and Extraction

By C. G. Warnford Lock

Improved Glass Blowing Apparatus

How to Make Cheese for Home Use

Phosphoric Acid from Slags

By C. Scheibler

Nature of Malaria, and its Peculiarities of Origin as to Place

By J. W. Dowling

How to Measure the Heights of Trees

“Prickly Heat”

By Henry T. Wharton

Papaver Umbrosum

The Origin of Bitumens

By S. F. Peckham


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August 30, 1884