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Artificial Lighting

Improved Revolving Soda Ash Furnace

How to Albumenize Paper

Another Form of the Platinum Unit

Schulke's Recuperative Gas Lamp

On Electricity and its Present Applications

By W. Fraser

The First Electrician-William Gilbert, M.D

By Benjamin Ward Richardson

Detection and Determination of Picric Acid

By G. Christel

A Country House

Concrete for Marine Constructions

A Summer House

Chehab's Hydraulic Clock

Water-Power with High Pressures and Wrought-Iron Water-Pipe

By Hamilton Smith

A Reminiscence of Dr. Dalton

By Charles Clay

Oak Destroyed by Lightning

Educated Oxen

Madame Kowalevski

St. Simon

Scientific Bases of the Temperance Reformation

By Benjamin Ward Richardson

Hog Inspection a Necessity

The Germ Origin of Disease

Leprosy, and its Dangers

Cypripedium Caudatum

Tall-Growing Campanulas


Gleanings from the Royal Microscopical Journal on Bacteria

By C. H. Stowell

Making Cheese for Home use

Sea Shells and their Inhabitant's

The Red After-Glow


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September 13, 1884