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M. Chevreul

The General Progress of Chemistry

By H. E. Roscoe

Congelation of Water by means of Sulphuric Acid

Against Wrought Iron for Water Pipes

Determination of Nitric Acid

By M. Arnaud

Distillation under Atmospheric Pressure

How should a Horse be Shod?

The Superga Railway

Summer Cottage, Tunbridge Wells

The “Stockport” Gas Engine

Improved Masonry Crane

Military Transportation by Railroad

A New Tachometer

The Heat-Conducting Power of Materials

On a New Method of Measuring the Heat-Conducting Power of Various Materials, Such as Cotton, Wool, Hair, Etc

By J. J. Coleman

An Electrical Actinometer

Hall's Effect

The Earth's Magnetism

An Extraordinary Experiment in Synchronous-Multiplex Telegraphy

By Edwin J. Houston

An Ancient Counterpart of a Modern Toy

Telephoning without Wires

The Largest Organ in the World

The Cost of the Electric Light in France

Gravitation Survey of the United States

By C. S. Peirce

On the Civilization of the Native Peoples of America

By E. B. Tylor

On the Structure of the Brain of the Asellus and the Eyeless Form Cecidotæa

By A. S. Packard

The National Academy of Sciences.—Meeting at Newport, October 14, 15, and 16, 1884

Thinolite of Lake Lahontan

By E. S. Dana

Some Results of the Exploration of the Deep Sea Beneath the Gulf Stream by the U. S. Fish Commission Steamer Albatross during the Past Summer

By A. E. Verrill

The Catalpas

Perennial Lobelias

Dagame—A Valuable Wood



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    Patents - November 1, 1884

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