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The Chilian War Steamer Esmeralda

Early Railway History

By Clement E. Stretton

Drainage for Railways, Roads, Etc

The Waldlitobel Bridge

Steamer Adriatic

A Method of Sinking Through Quicksand by Artificial Freezing

Cast Iron Arched Ribs for Middlesbrough Town Hall and Municipal Buildings

An Easily Constructed Clepsydra, or Water Clock

Experiments with Coal-Dust at Neunkirchen in Germany

The Use of Fluorescine in Making a Safe Light for the Photographic Dark Room

Simaba Cedron, a Cure for Hydrophobia

By George Vaillant

Composition of the Ash of Strawberries

By John M. H. Munro

A Plagiarism

Table of the Solubility of Chemicals in Water

Phospho-Citric Acid

A Preparation to Supersede Citric and Tartaric Acids in Mineral Waters

By J. Napier

Testing the Carbonic Acid and Illuminating Hydrocarbons in Coal Gas

Prehistoric Remains

The Reformation in Time-Keeping

By W. F. Allen

Phenomena Attending Mixture

Natural Science in Schools

By Henry E. Armstrong

The Flow of Streams



An Early Electro-Magnetic Engine

The Castalia, Hospital Ship

A New Method of Heating in the Regenerative Gas Furnace

The Light of Fire-Flies

Gall Mites


The Effect of Punching on Steel

Trouve's Portable Electric Lamps

Separating Oxygen Gas from the Atmosphere

Palms in Small Pots


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December 20, 1884

Complex Causes. Alternative Solutions.