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On the Constitution of Gaseous Heavenly Bodies

The New Observatory at Nice

The Fresh Water Flora and Fauna of Central Park

Preliminary Paper

By L. P. Gratacap and A. Woodward

How to Dispose of House Sewage

By M. T. Clark

Examination of Bread and Flour

The Removal of Tattoo Marks

Pasteur on the Prevention of Hydrophobia

Experiments in Gaseous Combustion

The Antiquity of Man

By Edward Clodd

Henry Fawcett

Nitro-Glycerine in the Oil Regions

Steam Yachts

Center Board Catamaran

The Working of Gas Engines

Vertical Tandem Engine

Fustian, Beaverteen, Moleskin

A Perpetual Motion Machine of 1812

Vertical Cold-Air Machine

Utilizing the by Products from Coke Ovens

By C. Otto

Influence of Light on the Development of Yeast

Castle Hummelshain, Near Kahla, Thuringia

Preparation of Maltose

The Fusion of Iron

The Geological Structure of the Sahara

The Vapors of Metals

The Spectroscopic Examination of the Vapors Evolved on Heating Iron, Etc., at Atmospheric Pressure*

By John Parry

A Petroleum Engine


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December 27, 1884