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The Blowpipe-Flame Furnace

By A. C. Engert

Improved Traction Engine

Steam Catamaran

Steam Catamaran May Barrett

The Steam Engine Indicator

By Amice

The: New Cattle Market at Vienna

Floating Albumenized Paper on the Silver Bath

Formula for Making and Developing Gelatino-Chloride Plates

By T. Baynton

The Photographic Iconometer

Making Vitrified Photographs

A Visit to an English Establishment

New Method of Heating the Regenerative Gas Furnace

By Frederick Siemens

Utilization of Cork Chips

Perfumes, and Formulas for Their Manufacture

By Jacob Jesson

On the Boiling-Point of Hydrogen

By Edmund J. Mills

Electricity's Deadly Work

Electrical Speed Indicators

Electricity as a Motor

Neumayer's Telephone

On the Electric Thermometer in Medicine


By Thomas Williams

The Preparation of Cocaine

By A. Castaing

Ancient Bone Cave in Pennsylvania

Recent Discoveries at Civita Lavinia

Cutting up Beef


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Bacterial Balancing Act

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