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Improved Spinning Mule

Lubricating Oils

Measurements of Friction of Lubricating Oils *

By C. J. H. Woodbury

Copying Maps and Plans

Photographic Surfaces More Sensitive for the Green, Yellow, and Red Rays

By H. W. Vogel

Improved Tandem Engines

The Saint Etienne Tramways

Spring Motors for Vehicles

Combined Wood and Iron Wheels for Portable Engines

The Dutton Sluices

Improved Spring Wheels

On the Influence of Punching Holes in Soft Steel

By V. N. Beck Guerhard

A Veranda

On Japanese Camphor Oil

By H. Oishi

The World's First Meridian

By Richard A. Proctor

Transmission of Electric Power at Bienne, Switzerland

Photographing the Larynx

By Thomas R. French

Obstruction of Drain Pipes by Roots

By F. A. Calkins

The Hypnoscope

A Group of Cactus in Jamaica


By J. Starkie Gardner

An Absolute Standard of Light

Reduction by Electrolysis

The Liquefaction of Gases

Underground Water ad the Moisture of the Soil

By FR. Hofmann

Water Meters


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January 24, 1885

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism