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Brighton College

The Infra-red Emission Spectra of Metallic Vapors

By H. Becquerel

Lead: its Properties and Uses

By Alex. W. Murray

Mineral Acids in Solid Form

New Forms of Swedish Hearth and Welding Furnaces

By G. A. Forsberg

The Theory of Blast-Furnace Slag Refining

By A. D. Elbers

The Manufacture of Candles

Sand Soap and Transparent Soap

Gabert's Revolving Excavator

The Micro-Photoscope

Railroad Building in the Tropics Pontoon Bridge Across Lake Amatitlan on the Line of the Guatemala Central Railway

A Project for a Suspended Railway

Some Recent Experiments on the Use of High Explosives for War Purposes

By Chas E. Munroe

New Physical Papers by Sir William Thomson

Calorimetric Voltameters and Amperemeters

A New Apparatus for Transfusion, With Remarks on the Intra-Vascular Injection of Blood and Other Fluids

By Joseph C. Hutchison

Mental Contagion in Inebriety: A Psychological Study

By T. D. Crothers

The Property of Alcohol Which Allures the Neurotic to Drink

By T. L. Wright

Pasteur's Work

The Prison of Louvain

The Maya Alphabet

Assyrian Science

The Cultivation of the Ramie Plant in the United States

By Max Jagerhuber

The Potato Disease


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    Patents - January 31, 1885

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