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Express Engine-Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway

On the Influence of Sand on the Strength of Cement-Mortars

By H. Arnold

Rattan Lubricators

A One Thousand Foot Tower

Improved Shell and Fuse

Dumping Car


On Remelting of Cast Iron

The Electric Railway of the Royal Coal Mines of Zaukeroda

Ether-Spray Freezing Microtome

By William Ruherford


By E. Dwight Kendall

Wallich's Condenser

Improved Burring Arrangement

The Manufacture of Sugar of Milk in Switzerland

By J. Kunz

Saponification by Neutral Bodies

By A. Colson

Recent Scientific Progress In Nervous Diseases

By L. A. Merriam

New System of Cleaning Sewers

The Membrana Tympani

By O. A. Palmer

The Cholera Microbe


Marble Cave

Notes about Lyre-Birds

By A. J. Campbell

General Truths in Applied Entomology

By C. V. Riley*amp*ast;

The Victoria Regia


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    Patents - February 7, 1885

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