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The Electrometallurgic Treatment of Copper Matte for the Extraction of Copper

The Preservation of Iron by One of its Own Oxides

By B. H. Thwaite

The Spectroscopic Examination of the Vapors Evolved on Heating Iron, Etc., at Atmospheric Pressure

By John Parry

The Blanchard Furnace and Steam Generator

The Forth Bridge

On Manipulating the Material, and Building, and Drilling the Great Tubes of the Forth Bridge

By Andrew S. Biggart

Improved Compound Engines

Mud and Garbage Receiver

A London Subway

On the Heating of Cars

Fruit Canning in London

Electro-Chemical Rings Compared with those Obtained by Physical, Mechanical, or Chemical Way

O'keenan's New Electric Pile

On Page's Electric Locomotive

The Hungarian House of Parliament at Buda-Pesth

The Phylloxera at the Turin Exhibition

By P. Le Neve Foster

Smilax Aspera

Zinc in Drinking Water

By F. P. Venable

Bottle Explosions


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