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Improvement in Equatorial Telescopes

Progress in Astronomical Telescopes

By W. R. Warner

The Migratory Locust

Directions for Tree Planting

Hakea Laurina

Design for Florist's

Recent Improvements in Photographic Development

By W. K. Burton



The Old “Steam Jack”

Thirty-Five Ton Steam Crane, Abouchoff Steel Works. St. Petersburg

Sellons Electric Stove

The Resilience of Steel

By Wilfred Lewis

De Locht-Labye's Hammer Telephone

The Warnon Pile

Domestic Electric Lighting

Induction and Conduction

By Willoughby Smith

Recent Progress in Teaching Deaf- Mutes

The Viennese Female Fencers

Lessons from the Greely Relief Expedition

The Children's Home at Linden, Near Hanover, Germany

Fusion of Platinum at Low Temperatures

By A. B. Griffiths

The Great Pyramids

James Marion Sims, M.D., L.L.D

How to Cure a Felon

By C. C. Gratiot

Oat Meal for Scarlet Fever

Removal of a Gun Breech and Bolt from the Nose after Five Years

By Rushton Parker


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April 18, 1885