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The Influence of Wood upon Architecture

The New Votive Church at St.Petersburg

The Shoring of Buildings

Ventilation without a Draught

A Sheffield Corner

The Dying Achilles.—A Marble Statue

By Ernst Herter

A Great Magnesia Mine

Cyanide of Potassium

The Rolling Planimeter

By F. H. Reitz

Improved Potash Developer for Collodion Emulsion Plates for Transparencies, etc

How to Make Gelatino—Chloride Paper for Printing without Developing

The Production of Ammonia from the Nitrogen of Minerals

By George Beilby

The Perfumer's Manual

An Experienced Manufacturer

Accident to the Gas-Holders of the St. Louis Gas Company

Sight Feed Lubricator

Lead-Case Press

Guichard's Thermometer

New System of Telegraph and Telephone Conductors


By Edwin J Houston

Chemical Changes in their Relation to Micro—Organisms

Benjamin Ward Richardson, M.A., ll.D. F.R.S

The Time Element in Gluten Determination

By Wm Frear

The Mental States Induced by Fright

Galvanized Iron Water Pipes

By F. P. Venable

New Japan Plum

The Forms of Leaves

A Stranded Whale


Fingal's Cave


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April 25, 1885

Confronting Common Wisdom