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Steel Boiler Plates

By W. Parker

The Tilbury Deep Water Docks

Aerial Navigation

Construction of the Wharf Walls of the New Floating Dock at Havre

Light Draught Fast Screw Launch

Olivier's Mathematical Reel

Improvement in Looms

The Philosophy of Twist

Instrument for Drawing Ellipses and Hyperbolas

By Frederic R. Honey

The Telephonic Transmission of Speech by Discontinuous Electric Currents

By L. De Locht-Labye

The Street and Maquaire Lamp

Apparatus to Determine Equivalents

By H. N. Morse and E. H. Keiser

Aluminum and its Extraction on a Commercial Basis

By F. J. Seymour

Conversion of Liquid Fat Acids into Solid Products

The Possible Suspension of Old Age

The Clapp-Griffiths Steel Process

The Trochoided Plane

By Lawrence Hargrave

Abstracts of Papers Read at the Meeting of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, April 21-24


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    Patents - May 23, 1885

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