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New Spanish Artillery

Qualitative Tests for Steel Rails

By L. Tetmajer

Triple Compound Engines

By A. E. Seaton

Early History of the Steam Jack

A New form of Small Bessemer Plant

By A. Trappen

Bridge at Verona

Pumping Machinery

Mine Pumping Machinery

By E. D. Leavitt

Improved Gun Pressure Gauge

The Distillation of Sea Water

Improved Plaiting Machine

Ruler and Triangle for Hatching

Self-Acting Shuttle Guard

Aids to Correct Exposure on Photographic Plates

Distortion from Expansion of the Paper in Photography

Isochromatic Photography

By Fred. E. Ives

Groups of Statuary for the Pediment of the House of Parliament in Vienna

Measuring the Thickness of Boiler Plates

On the Fritts Selenium Cells and Batteries

By C. E. Fritts

Electricity Applied to the Manufacture of Varnish

Naglo Brothers' Telephone System

A New Reflecting Galvanometer

The Gerard Electric Lamp

Life History of a New Septic Organism

Histological Methods

Silk Worm Eggs

Winter and the Insects

Physics without Apparatus

Determining the Mean Density of the Earth

The Casino at Monte Carlo



On an Express Engine

The Melloco


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June 06, 1885

Confronting Common Wisdom