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Wire Apparatus for Laboratory Use

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Hotchkiss Machine Guns

Aerial Navigation

De Locht's Pantelephone

Apparatus for Determining the Electric Charges of Falling Rain

Military Telegraph

Experiment Illustrating Discharge of Electricity from Clouds

Electric Light Machinery

The Distribution of Electrical Energy by Secondary Generators

By J. Dixon Gibbs

Jablochkoff's Auto-Accumulator

Electric Lighting of Carriages

A New Photometer for Diffused Light

On the Real Value of Lubricants, and on the Correct Method of Comparing Prices

By Robert H. Thurston

The Fahnehjelm Water Gas Incandescent Light

By R. W. Raymond

Hints on Plastering, Mortars, Etc

The Process of Bronze Casting as Applied to Sculpture

Foudroyant Cholera

Extraction of a Pistol-Ball from the Brain

By William F. Fluhrer

Southwell Cathedral

Experts in Shooting

A Rifle Expert

On the Devonian Age of the Green Pond Mountain Rocks

City Telegraph Wires

Earthenware Jars for Ferns

New Japanese Oak

(Quercfs Serrata)



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    June 13, 1885