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New System of Inclined Plane for Boats

German Men of War

A French Gun for Colonial Service

Four-Seat “Devon” Hansom Cab

Point Bridge, Pittsburg, Pa

Lagerman's Composing Machine

The Monitograph

Oxalate of Potash Developer

Minute-Glass with Alarm

The Johnson Filter

A Rocking Apparatus for use in Developing Dry Plates

By J. M. Eder

New Tourist Camera

Separating Zinc

By W. Hampe

Billet's Improved Burette

A New Process for Effecting the Liquefaction of Oxygen

By L. Cailletet

Glycerine and its Uses

By F. H. Alcock

Oxygenated Water


Electrolytic Quantitative Analysis

By Alexander Classen

Fonvielle & Lontin's Electrical Motor

The Topophone

The Resources of Alaska

By Frederick Schwatka

On the Changes Produced by Magnetization in the Length of Rods of Iron, Steel, and Nickel

By Shelford Bidwell

Quito, Ecuador

A Mechanical Bird Made of Paper

On the Agency of Water in Volcanic Eruptions, with Some Observations on the Thickness of the Earth's Crust from a Geological Point of View, and on the Primary Cause of Volcanic Action

By Joseph Prestwich

The Papaw

Sunlight and the Earth's Atmosphere

The Civet Cat

Atmospheric Electricity

By L. Palmieri


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    Patents - July 4, 1885

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