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Charts for Great Circle Sailing

How to use the Maps


Chart for Great Circle Sailing

How to use the Chart

A Quarter of the Southern Chart on the same Projection

How to form a Herbarium

A New Chlorimeter

Improvements in Velocipedes

An Agricultural Mitrailleuse

The Empress Bridge over the Sutlej

Range of Guns

Electrolytic Refining of Copper

Reins for Three Horses Abreast

Japanese Technical Apparatus

The Dowson Gas Apparatus

Direct Photo-Typography and Photolithography by the Chrom-Albumen Process

Essential Oils

A New Singer Sewing Machine Factory

Care and use of Microscope Lenses

By William Wales

Unveiling the Darwin Statue

A New System of Telephonic Communication

Kendall's Electric Generator

On the Conversion of Heat into useful Work

By William Anderson

Sanatory Precautions in the Dwelling

By E. Dwight Kendall

The Coloring Matter of Flowers and Fruits


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