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Microscopic Gleanings

By C. H. Stowell

The Chamberland Filter

Photo-Micrographs on Gelatine Plates for Lantern Projection

By Wm. H. Walmsley

Rofessor Leonhard Weber's Photometer

By Boverton Redwood

Rapid Determination of Nitrogen

By A. Houzeau

How to Mount Large Insects

A Cellular Structure in Cast Steel

By Osmond and Worth

Detection of Nitric Acid in Air, Water, and Soils

By A. Grandval and H. Lajoux

Foundations of St. Mark's Venice

Reducing Properties of Oxygenated Water

On the Construction of Rolling Cams

By C. W. MacCord

Locomotive Power, N. Y. Elevated Railroad Trains

By Angus Sinclair

The Post Office in the Time of Washington

Gas Engine Economy

Sickness and Sea Air

Progress of Telephone Litigations

Ravaglia's Hydrometrograph

New Analogies between Electric Phenomena and Hydkodynamic Effects

By C. Decharme

Ocean and Air Currents

The Ruins of Humpi, Madras Presidency

Measurement of Blood Corpuscles

By Marshall D. Ewell

Principle of Maximum Work


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October 03, 1885

Confronting Common Wisdom