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Compressed Air Motor

Enormous Passenger Traffic

Distribution of Power to Houses by Rarefied Air

The Forth Bridge

By Thomas C. Clarke

The Car Coupler Trials at Buffalo, N. Y.

The Clinograph, or Borehole Test

On the Construction of Rolling Cams and Symmetrical Lobed Wheels

By C. W. MacCord

Comparison of Great Guns

The Constitutional Club, Northumberland Avenue

How to Prevent Curling in Unmounted Photo Prints

Woolens and Worsteds

Two Chamber Organs by Chippendale

Some Easy Ways of making Grain Plates or Surfaces for Photo-Mechanical Printing Processes


The Clarification and Purification of Public Water Supply

By L. H. Gardner

Magnetic Separation of Minerals at Oberlahnstein

By O. Heberle

A High-Pressure Influence Electric Machine

By Walther Hempel

Bazin's Rotary Pile

Clog Almanacs

Phases of American Progress

Acetic Acid from Wood

Erysipelas.—Its Rapid Cure

Nutritive Value of the Different Parts of the Grain of Wheat

Remember the Skin

Whooping Cough


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October 10, 1885

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