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Meeting of the British Association at Aberdeen

Mechanical Science

By B. Baker

The Saintignon Pyrometer

What Civilization Owes the Architect and Civil Engineer

By George R. Bramhall

Bowling Green Hotel, Kenilworth

Movements of Dust Particles

An Instrument for Measuring Force

A New Voltameter

Thierry's Hemaspectroscope

The Physiograph

Prof. L. Sohncke on the Origin of Thunderstorm Electricity

Bleaching Vegetable Fibers

The Ixtle or Tampico Fiber

New Analogies between Electric Phenomena and Hydrodynamic Effects

Cauderay's Coulombmeter

The Motor Centers of the Brain and the Mechanism of the Will

By Victor Horslky

Stanecki's Pile

Acute Inflammatory Rheumatism

By James Craig

Henri Milne Edwards

The Cultivation of Microbes

Raspberry Lord Beaconsfield

Tests of Bricks


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October 17, 1885

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism