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British Elephant Battery, Burmah

The British War Operations in Burmah

The Vidal Language

The Emery Mines of Asia Minor

Report by Consul Stevens, of Smyrna

Completion of the Canadian Pacific Railway

Tubular Boilers

Dust Burning Furnace

Compound Locomotive, Webb's Patent, for the Companhia Paulista

Orthochromatic Photographs

Lantern Slides by Contact Printing

The Preservation of Timber

How to Recognize Good Wood

Bleachworks Machinery

Improved Hank Dyeing and Wringing Machine

The Silk Industry in France

The Cements of the Gate of France

A New Siphon Operated by Blowing

Development of Hydrocyanic Acid in Linseed Meal Infusions

Coze's System of Gas Retorts

Hydrochlorate of Cocaine

By Squibb

Separation of Liquefied Atmospheric Air into Two Distinct Liquids

By S. Wroblewski

A New Insulating Support for Experiments in Static Electricity

Electrical Storage Batteries

By C. H. Henderson

Composition of Ocean Water

Cultivation of Cinchona in Guatemala

Underground Temperatures

Planting: Preparation of the Soil

Plants for Margins of Lakes

Tablets of Compressed Pyrogallic Acid


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November 28, 1885

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