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Preservation of Insects

Quadriga for the New House of Parliament, at Vienna

Glazed Ware Finial

Wage Earners and their Houses


Fire Doors in Mills

Steel Structures

Hotel De Ville, St. Quentin

A Method of Measuring the Absolute Sensitiveness of Photographic Dry Plates

By William H. Pickering

Natural Gas Fuel and its Application to Manufacturing Purposes

By Andrew Carnegie

Soldering and Repairing Platinum Vessels in the Laboratory

By J. W. Pratt

A Gas-Engine Water-Supply Alarm

The Helicoidal or Wire Stone Saw

Portable Prospecting Drill

The Water Supply of Ancient Roman Cities

Automatic Safety Gear

Electricity in Warfare

By Lieut. B. A. Fiske

Steam Engine Economy

By John Lowe

Meucci's Claims to the Telephone

Transmission of Power by Electricity

An Electrical Centrifugal Machine for Laboratories

By Alexander Watt

The Locked and Corded Box Trick

A Perpetual Calendar

An Accomplished Parrot

Prices of Metals

The Roscoff Zoological Laboratory

A Year's Scientific Progress in Nervous and Mental Diseases

By L. A. Merriam

Metamorphoses of Arctic Insects

The Murænæ at the Berlin Aquarium

“Elastic Limit” in Metal

Scaring the Baby Out


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    Patents - December 19, 1885

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