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Wedlake's Improved Organ

Insect White Wax

Artificial Lithographic Stones

The Principles Involved in the Construction of Spray-Tubes

By Andrew H. Smith

Mounting Photographs

Lamp for Heavy Oils

Chemical Process for Ramie

A Novel Paper-Cutter

The Present Condition of the Yellowstone National Park

By E. D. Cope

The Effects of Lightning Stroke

Farm Buildings

Natural Gas

Royal Academy Traveling Studentship Design for Block of Three Houses

New York Laundries

A Ninety-Eight Foot Crane

Coupled Vertical Engines

Explosion of a Military Mine at Arras

The American Public Health Association

Tissue Coloring

Color of the Eyes

Therapeutical Effects of Tobacco

By I. J. M. Goss

The Treatment of Carbuncle Without Incision

Light vs. Heat Radiations

Simultaneous Telegraphy and Telephony

Intelligence of the Dog

The Bed of the Ocean

An Underground Flue

Formation of Snow Crystals from Fog


Production of Double Flowers


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    December 26, 1885

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