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The Boston Sewage Works

An Original Cantilever Bridge

Hoisting from Great Depths

Working Low Beds of Gravel

The Hummel Monument at Pressburg

Stone Piles in Washington Territory

Two Chimney-Pieces in Wood

Earthenware as a Building Material

Mechanical Aids to Decoration

By A. Curtis Bond

An English Farm House

Masonry and Brickwork in Fires

Education in the United States

Outwitting our Health Officers

Builders' Quantities

House at St. George's Hills, Weybridge

Automatic Postal-Card and Envelope Distributer

Prof. Palmieri's Udometer and Anemometrograph

Bimetallic Storage Batteries

Costiesco's Field Quadrant

Education of the American Citizen

By R. H. Thurston

The Parisian Somersault Turners

Strength and Dexterity

On the Micro-Organisms of Potable Waters: Their Life in Carbonic Waters

By T. Leone

The Essential Chemical Elements of Plants

By Thomas Jamieson

Bulbous Calanthes


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