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A French View of Americans

Theater Secrets

Sibley College Lectures

The Cornell University Non—Resident Lecturers in Mechanical Engineering

By R. W. Raymond

The Sims Torpedo

The Steam Plow

A Field Trial Near Chicago

Working Drawings of Inexpensive Furniture

By E. W. Godwin

Industrial Heating by Hydrocarburets


The Manufacture of Toilet Soaps

By C. R. Alder Wright

On the Testing of Emery and Corundum

By Nelson H. Darton

The New Organ in Westminster Abbey

Electric Transmission of Power between Paris and Creil

Rule for finding Direction of Current and North Pole of Magnets

By J. D. F. Andrews

Melsens' Lightning Rods

Atoms and Molecules


An Old Banyan in a Bowl

Gaultheria Nummularioides

Anthropometric Description

Drainage in Illinois

Transplantation of a Rabbit's Eye to a Human Orbit

By H. W. Bradford


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January 23, 1886