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Inclined Shaft Rotary Engines

Coal Cutting Machinery and the Application of Rope Power Thereto

By T. Messrs and R. W. Bower

A Steam Pump for Liquid Lead

Handling a Locomotive

Shaft Sinking through Quicksand

Indicating Fire Damp in Coal Mines

An Making


By G. Buchanan

Hints on the Preservation of Type

By James L. Lee

A New Mounting Medium of High Refractive Index

Demange & Satre's Excavator

Apparatus for Bakeries

New Method of Protecting Iron Pipes from Rust

Improved Power Meter

Cutting and Resurfacing our Wood Pavement

Holford Hall, Near Knutsford

The Disinfection of Cattle Cars by Superheated Steam

Underground Temperatures

The Blackpool Electric Tramways

Electrolytic Separation of Zinc and Cadmium

By S. Eliasberg

Curious Telephonic Experiments

An Electric Supper

Domestic Electric Lighting

Sources of Saltpeter

By C. G. Warnford Lock

Fire-Proof Individuals

Economic Position of Australia

Quartz and its Varieties

By W. S. Beekman

The Froebel Method

A Nineveh Wheel

Long Island City, N. Y., December 7, 1885

Properties of Zinc

The Chemistry of Sulphite of Soda

By A. Boake


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    Patents - February 13, 1886

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