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Hon. Hiram Sibley

The Ethics of Engineering Practice

Lifting a Forty Inch Water Main

The Mersey Tunnel

The Interoceanic Canal Question

Improved Revolver

Motors for Street Railways

Results of Experiments on Mechanical Motors for Tramways Made by the Jury on Railway Appliances at the Antwerp Exhibition

By Captain Douglas Galton

Decomposition and Fermentation of Milk

On the Theory of the Receiver of the Electro-Magnetic Telephone

By E. Mercadier

On the Theory of the Electro-Magnetic Telephone Transmitter

By E. Mercadier

The New “Burgtheater” in Vienna

Alizarine Dyes

The New German Bookdealers' Exchange in Leipzig

A New Bleaching Process

Cement Paving

Experiments with Fibers

By Thomas Taylor

Instruments for Drawing Curves

I. The Hyperbola

By C. W. MacCord

Improved Pyrometer

Orthochromatic Plates

By Ch. Scolik

A New Photographic Apparatus

Telescopic Search for the Trans-Neptunian Planet


Notes on Manual Spelling


Fruits and Seeds for Dress-Trimming


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February 27, 1886

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