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A Simple Process of Lowering Concrete under Water

Prince's Bridge

Sibley College Lectures

By the Cornell University Non-Resident Lecturers in Mechanical Engineering

By Chas. T. Porter

The use of Iron in Fortification

A Description of the Charlottesville Water Works, Albemarle Co., Va

By Edward D. Bolton

The Chalais-Meudon Balloon

Liquid Fuel

Malt Making

By H. Stopes

The Gait of Nervous People

Noiseless Coal Fires

Recent Observations in Micro-Biology, and their Bearing on the Evolution of Disease and the Sewage Question

By F. J. Faraday

Improving Water Powers

Machinery and its Application


Prize Design for Suburban House

Cast Iron Work

Translucent Pictures

Liquefying Common Air

Action of Light

The Shooting Stars of November 27, 1885

Microscopic Writing

How Old do Mares Breed ?

Working of Sugar Cane, Sorghum, or Corn Stalks for the Manufacture of Sugar by Diffusion

Can Underground Heat be Utilized?


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