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Artistic Bronze Casting

By George Simonds

Design for a Monument, by Klotz

Roman Carpentry

By Hosking

Harlow Vicarage, Essex

Artificial Gems

By Herman Reinbold

The Astronomer Royal of Ireland

The Micrometer Threads and Wires of Astronomical Telescopes

The Pandiscope, or Lantern Sketcher, and the “Presto” Photographic Slide Carrier

Amount of Horse Power used in Propelling Street Cars

By Augustine W. Wright

Sibley College Lectures.—IV

By J. M. Allen

Detection of Adulteration of Olive Oil

By A. Audoynaud

The Permissible Strain upon Brickwork

By B*amp*ouml;hme


Progress of the Telegraph in China

A Theory of the Connection between the Crystal Form and the Atom Composition of Chemical Compounds

By William Barlow

Sight for the Blind

Stunning and Burn by an Electric Lamp

By George Buchanan

Fire-Proof Individuals

The Story of Biela's Comet

A Lecture Delivered March 9, 1874, at the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College*

By H. A. Newton

Heat Value of Coal Gas

Uneducated Reason in the Cicada

By J. S. Newberry


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    Patents - March 20, 1886

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