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Pœtsch's Method of Sinking Mine Shafts

The use of Torpedoes in War

By E. P. Gallwey

Isaac Newton

Explosive Forces in Gas Engines

Du Rocher's Electric Megaloscope and Pile

Jules Jamin

Capillary Attraction

Electrical Deposition of Fumes

By F. L. Bartlett

Sound and Color

Radii of Curvature Geometrically Determined

By C. W. Maccord

Machine for Testing Chains

Hinged and Balanced Lamp-Post

Cylinder Box-Nailing Machine

Stereotype Machine


By William H. Brewer

A New Law of Thermo-Chemistry

By George F. Becker

Instantaneous Photographs of the Heart in Motion, and of Peristalsis

By William Gilman Thompson

An Improved Appliance in Physiological Treatment of Cleft Palate

By Henry A. Baker

Bovine or Humanized Virus?—A Model Vaccine Farm

By Roberts Bartholow

The Forms and Heights of Clouds

The Phosphate Mines of Canada

By Beau Mont

The Earth and the Comets

Crease Dirt: what it Is

A New Gold Mine in Asia

Candelabra Cactus and the California Woodpecker

A New Thief-Trap

A Prospect for Railways in China

An Amateur Astronomer


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    Patents - April 17, 1886

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