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Horizontal Engine with Proell Valve Gear

Metallic Defenses of the Steel Works of the United States

Test Recording Apparatus

Description of An Autographic Test Recording Apparatus

By J. Hartley Wicksteed

Solid Emery Wheels

By T. Dunkin Paret

Charneau's Heat Recuperator

The Russian Silk Loom

Machine for Covering Cords

A Cheap Printing Press

The Manufacture of Fire-Brick at Mount Savage, Maryland

By Robert Anderson Cook

Segon's Apparatus for Raising Water

Hilder and Scott's Metal Sorting Machine

Radii of Curvature Geometrically Determined

By C. W. Maccord

Explanation of the Maxwell Electromagnetic Theory of Light

The Photometer

Polarized Light

By George M. Hopkins

Application of Electricity to the Study of Spontaneous Motion in Capillary Tubes

Fusion by Electricity

By A. M. Tanner

The Origin of the Red Glows

By Sereno E. Bishop

Fungi Inducing Decay in Timber

By P. H. Dudley

Bark Bread

The Composition of Air

Life at the Bottom of the Ocean


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April 24, 1886

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