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Steam Carriages

Fate of the “Stevens Battery”

Hoisting Cables

The Aims and Objects of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

By P. M. Arthur

Pole Roads and Locomotives

An Outline History of the Locomotive Engine in England

By Theodore West

The Gas Well at Findlay, Ohio

Universal Lacquer

Hydrophobia and Cedron Seed

Treatment of Carbuncle without Incision

New Examination Hall for the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, London

Members of the Royal Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons

Remarks on the Aeration of Water

By Charles B. Brush

Apparatus for Preparing Gelatine Argentic-Bromide Emulsions and for Coating and Drying Plates

By Henry London

The Rotary Punkah

Tar Pavement

By T. H. Meehuen

Draining for Plantations

The African Dwarfs

Marcgraavia Paradoxa


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    May 15, 1886

    Confronting Common Wisdom