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On Board of a Torpedo Boat

The Hydraulic Ram

The Principle of the Hydraulic Ram Applied to Large Machinery for Raising or Forcing Water, Compressing or Exhausting Air, or Motive Power

By H. D. Pearsall

Artesian Wells

Requisite and Qualifying Conditions of Artesian Wells *

By Thomas C. Chamberlin

Artesian Well sinking in the Sierra Nevada

Improvements in Air Pumps

On the Explosion of Homogeneous Gaseous Mixtures

Pompeian Painting

National Agricultural Hall, Kensington

Size of Stones in Masonry

George Edmund Street

Columbus' Egg

The Portuguese Royal Carriage

The Action of Metals on Acids

By Henry E. Armstrong

History of the Electrical art in the United States Patent Office

By C. J. Kintner

Facsimile Telegraphy

Pasteur's Treatment of Rabies

Experiments on Evaporation

Pasteur and Hydrophobia

Estimation of Zinc in Zinc Ash

A New Induction in Spectroscopy

The Anatomist's Ode to his Mistress

The Eurhodines, A new class of Coloring Matters

By Otto N. Witt


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    Patents - June 5, 1886

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