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Accident on Board H.M.S. Collingwood

The Great Eastern Steamship

Signal Wire Run through a Pipe Filled with Oil

By William H Dechant

The Heliotrope

Gas and Carbureted Air Motors

The Construction and Testing of Air Locks and Shaft Tubes

By L. Brennecke

Deposits of Diatomite

Natural Gas versus Coke and Coal

By S. A. Ford

Bleaching Agents

Press for Finishing Fabrics

Relative Permeability of Various Diaphragms

By A. Zott

Stearine in Finishing Cotton Tissues

By Georg Hertel

Chlorination of Gold Ores

Plymouth Consolidated Gold Mining Company, Amador County, Cal

Kensington Court

Bichromate of Soda

Peroxyd of Hydrogen

Action of Certain Acids, Alkalies, and Saline Solutions upon Metals

An Acetic Ferment which Forms Cellulose

By Adrian J Brown

On the Formation of Ammonium Thiosulphate in Gas Generators

By H. Endemann

Notes on the Identification of Alkaloids and other Crystalline Bodies by the Aid of the Microscope

By A. Percy Smith

Testing the Commercial Efficiency of Dynamo Machines

By Gisbert Kapp


On a Modified Form of Wheatstone's Rheostat

By Shelford Bidwell


An Apparatus for Reproducing at Pleasure an Invariable Quantity of Electricity

By M. Marcel Deprez

The Treatment of Sewage

By F. Maxwell Lyte

The Bacteria of Disease

By Henry Hun

Hygiene of old Age

New Method of Passing Stricture of Urethra

Unearthing a Statue of Ramses II. At Aboukir

Reptilian Life in India

Hyacinths in Holland

New Colossal Statue of Ramses II

Calcareous Sea Weeds



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