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Yellowstone Park


Earth Currents


A Project to Explore the Earth's Center

Reducing and Intensifying Negatives

Injury to Fish by Sewage and Waste Waters

Common Colors and Poisonous Colors

An Antiseptic Vessel

Fouque's Photographic Seismograph

Sibley College Lectures.-VIII

The Cornell University Non-Resident Lecturers in Mechanical Engineering

By Charles T. Porter

A Wagon Wheel without Axle

Marine Engine Cranks and Shafts

Flexible Crank and Propeller Shafting in Lieu of Rigid Shafting for Marine Propulsion *

By J. F. Hall

A Watch without Hands

Recent Progress in Chemistry

By H. Carrington Bolton

On the use of Models for Instruction in the Magnetism of iron Ships

Pollak's Regenerating Pile

Edison's New Telephone Apparatus

Fehling's Liquor as a Reagent

Molecular Weight of Liquid Water


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    June 19, 1886

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism