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Gavoy's Optical Signaling Apparatus

Recent Improvements Introduced into the Manufacture of Gas

Bridge over the Dnieper

On a New Sulphureted Hydrogen Gas Apparatus

By John J. Barlow

The Institution of Naval Architects

The Japanese Ironclad Naniwa

A New Device for Subaqueous Foundations

Roll Turning Lathe

Wrought–Iron Water Pipes

By Hamilton Smith

The Hydra-Headed Rail

Prof. Joseph Henry and the Magnetic Telegraph

By Edward N. Dickerson

An Absolute Electrometer Giving Continuous Indications

By MM. E. Bichat and R. Blondlot

The New Invention of the Messrs. Bell

The Royal Society Soiree

Baron Paul Shilling

Carbonic Acid as a Fire Extinguisher


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