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The Wimshurst Induction Machine

Wimshurst's Influence Machine

Engine Dynamo and Motor

Theory of the Color Sense

The Physical Laboratory in Modern Education

By Henry A. Rowland

Transformation of Physical Forces

Telescopic Objectives and Mirrors: Their Preparation and Testing

By Howard Grubb

Barbey's Ixometer

Bertrand's Refractometer

Apparatus for Distributing Sulphide of Carbon

Gas Engineering and Modern Science

By Denny Lane

Testing Machine at Watertown Arsenal, Mass

By J. E. Howard

The Paris Metropolitan Railway

A Meat Cannery

The President's Address to the Master Mechanics' Association

Automatic Registration of the Heat Units Disengaged by a Living Being

By A. D*amp*apos;Arsonval

The Absorbability of Fats or Analogous Substances by the Skin

By E. B. Angell

Vertigo, and its Treatment by Blisters

Vegetation of South Georgia

The Creeping Avens

(Geum Reptans.)

Influence of Forests on the Climate of Sweden

Explorations and Excavations in Asia Minor

Owlet Moths

Australian Caves

Stress and Strain

The Form of the Earth


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    July 03, 1886

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