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Mining Coal by Hydraulic Means

The Paris Exposition of 1889


On New Applications of the Mechanical Properties of Cork to the Arts

By William Anderson

Two Cylinder Quadrant Engine

Torpedo Boat for the Japanese Government

Comparative Size of Metric and Old Units, with Reference to Convenience

By Fred Brooks

Graphic Processes Relating to the Logarithmic Spiral

By C. W. MacCord

Results of the Nitrate of Soda Prize


On the Sounds Produced in a Metallic Disk or Cord by Electric Discharges

By E. Semmola

A Lecture Experiment for Showing the Composition by Volume of Nitrous and Nitric Oxides

By E. H. Keiser

The Theory of the Interaction of Carbon Monoxide, Water, and Oxygen Gases

Decomposition of Ammonia by Electrolysis.—A Lecture Experiment

By A. Irving

Combustion of Carbonic Oxide and Hydrogen

Microscopy in Medicine

By A. G. Field

The Treatment of Chronic Heart Disease

Salol, a New Therapeutic Agent

The Lunar Surface and its Temperature

A New Savonarola

The Heat

Jordan's Solar Registering Apparatus

Distinguishing Rays of Solar from those of Terrestrial Origin

By Cornu

Unbandaging of the Mummy of Rameses II., and Discovery of the Mummy of Rameses III

Professor Maspero's Official Report

A New Edible Fruit

The Sparrows

Willow Gentian or Swallow-Wort

(Gentiana Asclepiadea.)


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August 14, 1886

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