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On the Education of Engineers, and on Degrees Conferred by Schools of Engineering

By R. H. Thurston

Torpedo Boat for the Japanese Government

Rudder Holdfast

The Steam Goliath

The Davy Steel Plant

Machine for Grooving Rollers

The Jacquelin & Chevre Excavator

The Manufacture of Chloroform

Recent Progress in the Coal Tar Industries

A Recent Lecture at the Royal Institution

The Nickel Plating of Wires

The “Dea” Drop-Box Motion for Looms

The Sewer Gas Destructor

Improvement in Bichromate Batteries

How to Wind an Armature

By R. Fuge

A New Method of Transmitting, Recording, and Reproducing Speech

By W. E. Irish

The Centenarian Chevreul, and his Life Work

Maquay's Voltaic Battery

Louis Francois Clement Breguet

By M. De Jonquieres

The Volcanic Eruption in New Zealand

Photographing Along the Fire Belt

By A. H. Burton

The Recent Volcanic Eruption in new Zealand

The Origin of Languages, and the Antiquity of Speaking Man

Sewage Disposal in Berlin

By Walter Wyman

Inorganic Foods

By N. A. Randolph


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September 18, 1886

The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism