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Compound Hydraulic Presses

Jet Propellers.—Hydraulic Propulsion of Vessels

The New Army Gun

Combustion, Fire-Boxes, and Steam Boilers

By John A. Coleman

Atlantic Steamers

By W. John

Manufacture of Leather in Russia

Examination Questions in General Construction

Celebration of the Five Hundredth Anniversary of the University of Heidelberg, August, 1886

The Catastrophe at Chancelade

Impurities in Photographic Chemicals, and Tests for Same

Somzee's New Gas-Burners

A New Thermo-Regulator

Pipette for Taking the Density of Liquids

The Clamond Gas Burner

Useful Bags, and How to make them

By John T. Humphrey

Molasses, How Made


By Henry Leffmann

Wood Oil

Primitive Iron Manufacture

Optical Errors and Human Mistakes

By Ernst Gundlach

Cohesion and Cohesion Figures

By William Ackroyd

Probable Isolation of Fluorine. Decomposition of Hydrofluoric Acid by an Electric Current

By M. H. Moissan

Water of Crystallization

By W. W. J. Nicol

The Determination of Nitric Acid by the Absorption of Nitric Oxide in a Standard Solution of Permanganate of Potassium

By H. N. Morse and A. F. Linn

Alpine Flowers in the Pyrenees

A Century Plant in Bloom

A New Apparatus for the Study of Cardiac Drugs

By William Gilman Thompson

Creosote a Specific for Erysipelas


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