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The Cold Zone in Water Vessels

By T. Fletcher

The Luiz I. Bridge, Oporto

Life and Profits of a Car

Torpedo Boats

Mechanical Feeders for Wool Carders

The Farcy Gunboat

The Galatea and Mayflower

An Old-Time Fast Sailer

Printing Ink Photographs

E. S. Chesbrough, C.E

Apparatus for Measuring the Compressibility of Gases at a High Pressure

Registering Barometers and Thermometers

Weaving School at Mulheim

Examination in Chemistry

Capillary Attraction

By William Thomson

Etched Figures and Arrangement of Atoms

Antifebrin—A New Antipyretic

The Effect of Lightning on Human Beings

A Visit to Manitou

Malignant Pustule

By D. W. Foster

The Earth's Second Rotation

The New Strawberry Insect


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October 09, 1886

Confronting Common Wisdom