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The Hubner Carding Engine, and the Modifications that have been Introduced into It

Radii of Curvature Geometrically Determined

By C. W. MacCord


By John Hardisty

The Lafitte Process of Welding Metals

By William Anderson

Resonating Gongs

Improvements in the Manufacture of Gas

On the Progress and Development of Marine Engineering

By William Parker

The Fastest Seaboat in Existence

Wire Stitching Machine

The Stampede Pass Tunnel on the Northern Pacific

Economical Quay Walls

The “Trompe,” or Hydraulic Blower

The Philosophy of Soaring Birds

By De Volson Wood

Another Electric Launch

Absolute Electrometer for Measuring very High Potentials

By E. Bichat and R. Blondlot

Capillary Attraction

By William Thomson

Colors of Metals and Alloys

Soap Bubbles

Liquid Carbonic Acid

Alkaline Chromates

A Method of Separating the Two Isomeric Toluidine-Sulphonic Acids

By E. A. Schneider

Sulphuric Acid in Refined Petroleum and Distillate

Nitrates and Nitrites in Waters and Artificial Solutions

Why some People Grow Fat

Carbohydrate and Fatty Foods

By N. A. Randolph

Coral Fishing

Comets and Meteors

Earthquake Recorders for use in Observatories

French Pointers

Barefoot Horses


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October 16, 1886

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