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The Statue of Liberty, New York

Notes on the Panama Canal

By Charles D. Jameson

Converting Circular into Rectilinear Motion

Electrolytic Separation of Metals

Aerated Bread Making

By Killingworth Hedges

Machine for Mounting Card Slivers

The “Rotary” Drawing Frame

New Form of Bath Tub

Marine Wool

A New Ellipsograph

Organ in the Liverpool Exhibition

Song of the Chemist

The Fulminating Silver of Berthollet

Telescopic Objectives and Mirrors.—Proposed Observatory for Mount Hamilton

A Look through the Great Object Glass

By C. A. Young

On a Meteoric Iron from South Carolina

By William Earl Hidden

Wind and Barometer

On a Diamantiferous Peridotite, and the Genesis of the Diamond

By H. Carvill Lewis

Ornamental Grasses

Hydrophobia Treated with Sublimate and Atropine

Pasturing or Stall-Feeding

Poisoning by Aniline


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    October 23, 1886

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